Message from CEO

CEO Tanimoto Kanzo

CEO Tanimoto Kanzo

Our challenge to the work style

We, afterFIT, not only create the energy business, but also pursuit free work style and the environment in which individual talents are more exerted for people take it on themselves.

The work style tends to be bind by the so-called social common sense and the past custom. Not to get into such brain freeze, we keep discussing and considering about the role of the organization and systems.
Trying things everyone says "I wish I had such a system!" and realizing them.As a result our work environment gets better and excellent people gather. It becomes our strong power and the motive force of achieving thing usual companies never can.
We continue to improve our work style and benefits from the perspective of "What it should be?".

We adopt immediately excellent systems existing in the world but we are not satisfied in that level. We keep trying, questioning "what should we do to improve them better and better? " again and again.

If people interested in the work style join afterFIT, we welcome their proposals. That is to say, our current work systems and environment are just a step.
Let's try with us!