To support employees' individual looking back, we lay down the individual coaching system like Scrum ※1 plus Rizap ※2.

In afterFIT, we adopt Scram for each teams. The team members look back on their work during the week together. Looking back on the week, they decide tasks for next week in this way "this should be kept doing, this is our problem so we need some efforts like...
It becomes their learnings to look back on themselves during the week and think their action of next week.
No matter what position, during actions that they look back on themselves and find solutions through it, they noticed various things and evolve more and more.

Besides teams, we work on looking back individually on our own work.
However, it is difficult for us to make a habit of that even if we understand it is definitely a good thing.
So, the Sczap team is responsible for personal support like Rizap trainers. By feedback they have employees make a habit of looking back, which is difficult to control by their own will like as exercises and diets. Supporting coaches.
We aim to grow ourselves by introspection.

  • ※1Scram : One of the Agile software development ways.It aims that members of the development team work unitedly to reach the same goal. Setting schedules and Sharing progress.
  • ※2Rizap : The service name of famous diet support among Japan.