Benefits and systems for good working environment

One hour as core time

Emoloyees can work under the flextime system. Core time is only one hour (13-14 p.m.), which all employees are working. While increasing working flexibility, we set afternoon as the core time to make face-to-face meetings easy to perform.

Morning assembly by using Zoom

We hold the morning assembly from 9:45 every morning, in which employees can participate from their location by Zoom. We share the management policies, business correspondences, self-introductions of members, team introductions and introductions of the others (an employee is introduced from 3 members who know his work well).

Nickname system

Because we are flat organization, we don't have any positions. We don't call our colleague by his position nor his family name. Employees share their individual nicknames decided by themselves and call each other by nickname.

Sharing themes of Strengthsfinder®

We take the Strengthsfinder® assessment at the time we join afterFIT and all employees share each other the top 5 of their themes.

Company cafeteria

Light meals (sandwiches, onigiri, salads and so on) is served as a breakfast or lunch in our Tokyo office. All drinks (coffee and various soft drinks) are for free. In our branches, candies and snacks are served.

Granting of paid holidays when entering (5 days)

We grant employees 5 days as paid holidays so that they can take leave even right after joining the company. It is a system to get them ahead of schedule (usually given 6 months later)

Interview with our industrial physician

We hold an interview with our industrial physician so that employees can get advice about anxiety and troubles of health.