Employee training

At the time you join

  • The guidance for new recruits

    We hold the guidance for new recruits in Tokyo office at the time you join our company. You participate in it for 2 days with the other new recruits.
    Procedure for your employment, SNS registration and telling how to use, … We guide you to get used to working in afterFIT smoothly.
    We guide you:
    ・The management policy and the work style
    ・The company movie archive
    ・Compliance and manner training (if you need)

  • Clerical skill improvement training

    For those who change their job after joining afterFIT, as a follow-up training on clerical skills, we check and follow the proficiency level of Excel, etc.

  • System Integrator basic training (Solar-Architect grade 2nd)

    We invite the instructor from Kyoto Eco Energy Gakuin and hold the classroom learning for all employees about the industrial solar power generation system.
    It is 2-days special training.

  • Team training of Scram

    We adopt “Scram” - the way to progress with work in each team or project.
    To realize our unprecedented business and practice the new work style, we harmonize goals in each team member.
    As a Scram master, Sczap team perform the introduction training for all members.

Employee study meeting

  • Study meeting for passing Second-Class Electric Work Engineer exam

    We hold the study meeting for passing Second-Class Electric Work Engineer exam making use of 30 minutes weekday before work starts (written exam and practical skill test).
    Participation is voluntary.Textbooks and tools for the practical skill test are at the company's expense.

  • In-house special lecture

    Employees act as a instructor and share their specialized knowledge in the form of a lecture.
    For example, the lecture about electric business and contract basic knowledge ware held so far.

Taking external seminars and training course

You can take external seminars and training course as you like. It is allowed to take it during working hours on condition that you submit a report on in-house SNS.You can apply expenses on "Dare Pay".
Besides, we hold various training courses, for example, PV plant study tour (a bus tour through Hokkaido) and study meetings by each teams.