Life change

Do you wanna board a pirate ship?
The employment interview of our first employee

In April 2017
Our first employee (a woman in her twenties, definitely a "Gal") joined afterFIT.
This is the question Kan-chan asked her in her interview:

「Do you wanna board a pirate ship?」

It continues like this:
Do you know the comic "ONE PIECE"? Have you ever read that?
The main characters are pirates and they have an adventure day after day.
Our company tackle new businesses so our life is just like pirates' on a pirate ship.
If "an island person" thoughtlessly board it, it becomes a difficult job for him. Island people should live an island life.
But pirates need stores to live their lives. When the ship touches land, they go to pubs and eat something.
At that time, "we are open until 5 o'clock" or "we are open late" ?
Anyway pirates go to that pub following its rule.

Do you wanna be a pirate boarding a pirate ship?
Or wanna be a clerk helping pirates?

If you think you are an island person, you should not board a pirate ship.
If you are a clerk, how long do you want to open your pub?
These are the questions in the employment interview.
He asked "how do you want to work as?" in a way that is easy to understand.
If it is your life work to realize the vision of the organization, challenges come again and again continuously.
If you become a pirate, you will go away from "work-life balance" and "work as life" is required. She answered:

"I wanna board a pirate ship.
But I don't know yet I can be a pirate,
so I'll help pirates as a clerk at first."
She is the very first employee of afterFIT.

And also people who help pirate's dream in various ways.