Evaluation & salary

The evaluation & salary negotiation system like professional sports players

We have introduced an annual salary system.
Let us explain our unique salary system by quoting statement from CEO Kanzo Tanimoto.

The back ground of designing system

The model of this system is professional baseball world. When a season finishes they perform negotiation to determine their next salary based on results of the period. First the baseball club makes an assessment and tell the player "this is your evaluation of this year". And accordingly they propose him the amount of salary for next year. If he agree to it he signs. If he don't, starts negotiation about his contribution and performance. Discussions are held several times like this and through them they consent to each other, and finally they shake hands.
In that way, we wouldn't like to determine their salary in the way that corporate side one-sidely makes an assessment and determine their salary. Of course we propose them their amount of salary but we perform discussions and would like to determine it by agreement of each other.
However, because afterFIT is jumpy and speedy company, The evaluation once a year cannot catch up with our change. So we introduce a half-annual salary system, performing the evaluation twice a year.
In concrete, the first half is April to September and the second is October to March. For example, from October to March we discuss about his behavior of the first half (Apr.-Sep.) and the settled salary would be adopted in period January to June.

How to fix the evaluation

The evaluation to fix the annual salary.It is difficult to evaluate someone, I think. I tell my employees "I'm not sure that our evaluation is proper or not".
In afterFIT, we try to create what is not exist in the world. We challenge things which has no answer and nobody knows it is surely the answer. By repeating these trial and error, we create new values and it would become a new sense of value. These are challenges we don't know whether we get results or not. We are not sure we get results in the half period and so I don't intend to say you that you have to get results in the half period.
And in various kinds of work, there is no absolutely certain indicators or numerical values. Accordingly, I have our employees to answer quesionnaires about their own work in the half year. And not only the person himself, but he is evaluated from 5 people who he selected. 'Other evaluation values'. The feature of this evaluation system is the point that he select 5 people by himself. 5 people who know well about his work. At that time, he can remove people who he doesn't like and likely to evaluate you lower intentionally. From who he is evaluated is the important point for him to be convinced.

In this way, we mix the self-evaluation value and the other evaluation values, and in the end we perform evaluation and assessment by using AI system. It has several levels in each approximately 30 questions. Whether the answer is insincere, his judgement skill has problems, it comes from kindness (which comes from considering something), ... AI judges them numerally and remove unusable data.
It is interesting that there is no big difference between the self- and the other evaluation value. Unexpectedly people watch the others carefully, I think.