In order to accelerate the energy shift, we generate renewable energy and aim its stable spread and usage.
We work on wide-range business such as analysis or media management due to realize that.


  • AI business

    Prediction of solar radiation by AI, radar and measuring equipments

  • VPP (Virtual Power Plant) business

    Construction of battery center and operation experiments

  • PPS (Power Provider & Supplier)

    Electric power sales specialized for renewable energy

  • Renewable energy power plant development business

    Development and construction of solar and wind power, and building power grid

  • PV plant assessment business

    Assessment of PV plant and due diligence

  • O&M(maintenance) business

    Quality check, maintenance, power generation monitoring of solar power plants

  • Repowering business

    Analysis, diagnosis and and construction to increase power generation of solar power plant

  • Drone business

    Utilization of drone for design, construction and inspection of PV plants,training drone pilots

  • Web media business

    Management of "after.FIT" (news related to renewable energy curating media)
    Management of "EnergyShift" (news app specialized in energy business)

  • Web system development business

    Web system in-house development